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In a relationship, nothing is more painful and depressing than discovering that your spouse is cheating on another man or woman. Not only does this cause problem for the immediate husband or wife, it can also cause difficulties for your kids. Due to this crucial fact, it is essential to avert your spouse from cheating as it will not do anything for both of you and will only cause a damaging scenario for your children to endure. To catch an unfaithful spouse using cheaters spy app free has become necessary when there are problems of trust in the Union.

Top 10 Free Apps to Spy on Cheating Spouse Cell Phone

1. SpyMyFone

SpyMyFone is still the most successful and the most popular spying software among all the monitoring software existing in the market. It is easy to use and steadfast as it comes with a series of characteristics. Using the GPS tracking aspect of SpyMyFone, you can spy an Android phone. In addition, it can be exploited to monitor other phone statistics, for instance, calendar events messages, calls, and many other activities of your target phone.



  • Support for most smartphone platforms
  • Downloadable and easy to install
  • Monitor various types of data including text messages, call records, photos, and videos.
  • GPS location and calendar activities tracking.
  • Spy WhatsApp Messages.

Click here if you are really interested to use it. SpyMyFone is compatible with all iOS devices of iOS edition 8.0 or later. There is no necessary to jailbreak the target phone installing this app. It is also perfect with Android version 4.0 and later devices. It requires no rooting.

2. 1TopSpy

1TopSpy is a tracking and monitoring software for both Android and iPhone. This cheaters spy app not only comprises Spy Text Message, but also a wide variety of advanced surveillance tools designed to help spy and monitor all cell phone activity. All information of target device will be traced and recorded with the data once it has been installed. Everything will be shown in your user account for review and analysis discreetly.



  • Tracking of BBM messages and line messages.
  • Calls Track log and Spy Call Recording.
  • Via Internet scan history and Read Phone Book Access Address.
  • Hack Viber chats, Facebook messages and Yahoo Messenger.
  • Monitoring SMS text messages remotely.

To download the tool click here It is the world’s first software that compatible with the Android operating system.

3. SpyBubble

If you are worried about your partner, you can use SpyBubble to get all the traces of his/her activities on the mobile device. Nowadays, most of us spend time on our cell phones and tracking communication is the best way to know a person's activities. It is easy to use and safe in all ways. It is developed for almost all mobile phones and smartphones. You can get the list of almost any smartphone covered in this category.



  • Monitoring of text messages
  • Prohibited Action Alerts
  • Monitoring of social networks and internet sites
  • Call monitoring
  • Read Contacts and Notes

If you are interested to apply this tool please visit It is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • iOS 2.0 or later (Jailbreaking is required)
  • Android 1.0 and later
  • Symbian (Edition 3, Edition 3 Feature Packs 1 and 2, Edition
  • BlackBerry 4.2.1 or later
  • Windows Mobile 5.0 or later

4. Mobile Spy

Another example of well-designed spyware, Mobile Spy is able to record calls, text messages, locate GPS positioning, and track Internet browsing history. With this tracking app, tracking someone is "easy". It is designed specifically to meet the needs of parents to track their children, which is used by millions of people and offers some advanced features to give you good results.



  • Read all messages
  • Track multimedia files
  • Check GPS navigation map
  • Manage all files, apps, and internet activity
  • LIVE screen viewing and real-time sound check

This tool is compatible with Android, iPhone and BlackBerry devices. Visit for downloading the app.

5. Mobistealth

Mobistealth is a monitoring software for computers and mobile devices that can be installed. Once this application has been installed on a portable device or a computer, it will spy on cheating spouse cell phone free automatically and send it to your user account. As a spouse, you want to be sure of the safety of your family members. To check another person’s location, what he/she is currently doing and the photos are sent and received you can use Mobistealth.



  • Contact details reporting
  • Monitoring of line, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and KiK Chat calls and chats
  • Real-time and historical location tracking
  • Reporting of inappropriate videos and pictures
  • Monitoring of email and text messages

This application is available for Androids, iPhones, Symbians, Black Berries, and Windows phones. If you want to download this tool please visit

6. Spyera

Spyera is a unique program to spy on cheating spouse cell phone free because it comes with features that are very rare to be found in any other program. For example, despite being one of the best Android programs to spy, it has made Blackberry Messenger top priority. This means that by using it you can easily track BBMs, something that other programs generally lack.



  • Phone calls recording
  • Listen to live calls
  • Ambient recording
  • All SMS and MMS messages are available
  • Hacking people's emails easily

To download this tool visit It is attuned with a range of devices of Android and iPhone to Symbian and Blackberry.

7. ExactSpy

It is one of most powerful mobile phone spying and tracking software. This free spyware will catch your unfaithful spouse, allow you to spy on any Android smartphone freely. Using this app you could view the exact GPS location instantly. Simply install this tool on your Android phone and start tracking your phone activity from your online control panel in just 5 minutes.



  • LIVE tracking location
  • SMS tracking
  • IM chats, emails and Internet browsing
  • Access to stored multimedia, contacts, calendars and applications
  • Installation of a remote recording environment

ExactSpy allows you check almost iPhone/iPad or Android mobile.

8. The TruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is a spouse spy application that you install on the device you wish to spy on. It needs only a few minutes finishing the process. It is untraceable 100%. After installation, it collects all phone information and uploads it to your own device. You can check all the activities remotely by login into your account.



  • GPS Tracker
  • Spy Text Messages
  • Read Sent/Received Calls
  • Hidden Call Recorder
  • Listen live to phone surroundings

You can download it directly by visiting into the target phone. it is compatible with iOS 7.x and it lets all Apple or Android Devices.

9. Highster Mobile

The spouse monitoring software Highster Mobile was developed with the most recent technology by prominent programmers. It is tricky to get caught while using this tool. The name itself gives you no suspicion as to what it is, except for those who really know what it is. On the other hand, once it is installed, it does not show in the phone under debate. It works in the background. It is a very effective tool to trace your cheating spouse.



  • Social Networking Logs
  • SMS Text Messages
  • GPS Location
  • Live Control Panel
  • Photo and Video Log

For free download you can visit its official website This tool lets not only Android, iPhone, iPad and Tablet Devices but also Blackberry and other phones.

10. FlexiSPY

The FlexiSPY monitoring software has a long record of delivering a program that works reliably and offers the most advanced set of spy functions. This includes listening for live calls, recording the surroundings, and a wide range of spy functions for messaging applications. The best product - if they need elegant functions.



  • Spy Instant Messaging
  • Interception of Calls
  • Track SMS
  • Spy to Your Room
  • Recording VoIP Calls

If you are interested to know more please click here It was basically compatible with Android 5.1.1. But now it runs on the latest OS version- 6.0.1 of Android. It is also well-matched with iOS 9.1.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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