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Have you quite lately felt left out from your girlfriend? Are you not getting those warm-jolly vibes from your girl the way you used to get earlier? Is your girlfriend not actively being responsive to the conversations initiated by you? If you feel all of this then it’s an alarming stage, as chances are girlfriend must be slipping into the hands of another man or she may be facing some problem which she isn’t able to share comfortably. Such situation calls for spying on your girlfriend’s phone to understand the root cause. If you do not know how to possibly do that then we will enlighten you with a perfect way to spy your girlfriend’s whereabouts.

How to Spy on My Girlfriend's Phone without Her Knowing

SpyMyFone is the spectacular tracking software that can effortlessly work on bypassing your girlfriend’s text messages without any share of struggles. This amazing application, constantly updates users with their girlfriend’s (or the one they are spying) phone and its activities, the people she is messaging to and the plans she is trying to make via calls. SpyMyFone also facilitates in monitoring the popular social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tinder (if installed) on their device.

Main Features of this amazing software

  • Monitor Geofence and get regular updates when the phone reaches out of a defined boundary.
  • Allows users to capture screenshots of any suspicious element they come across and maintain it as a piece of proof.
  • Spy your girlfriend’s phone by getting access to their variety of social handles.
  • Users can keep a check on the browsing history of their girlfriend to understand what all she keeps a check on.

Let us now get to know how you can use this tool to catch the actual reason of your girlfriend’s behavior. We will be discussing the tutorial for Android and iOS devices both. Check out the following steps.

For Android:

The below section cover the detailed account on how to spy your girlfriend’s text messages present on their Android phone in a simple to do manner.

Step 1: Sign up for a SpyMyFone Account

Before creating SpyMyFone account, the user needs to opt for a suitable package for spying the My girlfriend phone. Then, sign up for a SpyMyFone account by giving your mail ID correctly. As, you will receive the confirmation page stating your account has been created.

How to Spy on My Girlfriend’s Phone without Getting Caught

Step 2: Provide Information of the person to be spied

After you have successfully signed up for a SpyMyFone account, proceed forward with setup process. For that, silently get hold of your girlfriend device and force the installation of SpyMyFone on your girlfriend’s device. Load the application and enter the name, age and the operating system being used in your girlfriend’s phone.

How to Spy on My Girlfriend’s Phone without Getting Caught

Step 3: Supervise your Girl’s phone via Control Panel

Once you complete registration process, get back to your device for starting off in spying your girlfriend’s phone. All you have to do is, load the application and go to the control panel dashboard form where you can gain insight to a variety of data types such as messages, call logs or even maintain the GPS location.

How to Spy on My Girlfriend’s Phone without Getting Caught

For iOS:

The following is the step by step guide for the iOS users to spy on their girlfriend and their text messages easily.

Step 1: Create SpyMyFone Account

To start with, sign up for an account from SpyMyFone’s website. Enter in your email ID correctly as it will fetch you upcoming updates and confirmation that will testify your account has been made.

How to Spy on My Girlfriend’s Phone without Getting Caught

Step 2: Set up the application

You are now a step away from completing the setup process. You just have to enter in your name, age and the operating system of your girlfriend’s phone. Once you enter this, you can proceed forward by signing in with the iCloud credentials of your girlfriend.

How to Spy on My Girlfriend’s Phone without Getting Caught How to Spy on My Girlfriend’s Phone without Getting Caught

Step 3: Manage your Girlfriend’s phone

You have now successfully completed the set up process and can continue with spying on your girlfriend’s text messages, phone and other activities. All you have to do is go to the Control panel and select the type of data you want to monitor with ease.

How to Spy on My Girlfriend’s Phone without Getting Caught

Why and when spying your girlfriend is important?

If the love of your life is not expressing her feelings, not chirping to you the way she did before. Then, it is an alarming situation for a sabotage relationship running in despair. The essence of a true relationship lies with the hearts being connected together. If you are unable to feel that connection with your girl, you must try to figure out what is the issue lurking behind the smooth flow of your relationship. And the path through which you can gain a good view of the whereabouts of your girlfriend is by spying her phone. With this method, you can easily trace down whom your girlfriend talks to, who she makes contacts with or know whether somebody is trying to disturb her in any possible way. This wouldn’t have been possible had you installed spy cameras or hired any full time detective after your girl. Also, this way, your girlfriend’s inner dilemma will be revealed to you whether she is cheating or going through some mental trauma or maybe any personal issue she can’t share with you.


Spying your girlfriend becomes the need of an hour, especially when you witness any hint of irregularity. Being a responsible guy, you must ensure everything is working out well with your girlfriend. Even if she is dating someone behind your back, the least you can do is walk off by knowing how things turned. And to make this happen, you must ensure to spy your girlfriend. Don’t worry about the perfect software, as we have found the best one. Just place your trust on SpyMyFone as the software is easily compatible with both the Android/iOS devices and works at par. It gives you the minutest details of the data being used in your girl’s phone. You can even maintain the geofencing of your girl’s phone and keep a record of the websites she visits. So without having any second thoughts, march ahead of the time with SpyMyFone.

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