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Cell Phone Spying

Cell phone spying basically means to monitor someone without any telling them, in this method people can check their target’s cell phone data whether it is a message, call logs, social applications, browsing history, locations and much more. Cell phone spying can be useful and helpful in some cases but somehow it is illegal too. This method can be helpful for parents so that they can protect their young children from adult websites and illegal things, it can be useful for cops or defense force to trace the location of criminals or their conversations and much so on reasons of cell phone spying. This method can be misused also like targeting and misusing someone’s phone for the sack of revenge, misleading target’s application to watch their photos or videos live and so on.

How to Tell if my Cell Phone is Being Tracked, Tapped or Monitored

There are many signs of spy software presence that can tell that spy software is installed on your cell phone or not. This signs can answer your common query which is how to stop someone from spying on my cell phone. However, it is very difficult to understand these signs help to find spying applications on your phone but it is very helpful to know before you get spied.

When your Cell Phone is Being Tracked, Tapped or Monitored

1. Unusual Drainage of Battery

If your phone's battery running faster than usual, so it is actually a strong indicator that the Spy Application on your phone. Because it used to hog the battery of the phone and cause serious groove but modern programs have addressed this issue to a great extent. If someone is spying on you with old software, you can see a sudden drop in battery life.

2. Random Start or Shutdown

Some of the spying applications can lighten up the phone as it is in use or even to shut itself down automatically. Look at this on a regular basis, not only one stop. But in these days finest applications will not display such behavior.

3. Receiving weird Text Messages

If you regularly seeing strange text messages only with numbers and symbols, then it signs of hacking your cell phone. Because some programs use SMS texts to issue commands to the target’s cell phone, and if they are not properly configured you can see the incoming messages.

4. Suddenly Data Usage increased

If your data usage going up suddenly as compared to daily usage than its sign of that you are spied. Because some Spying applications send logs of their phone logs and other information via online data plans and some of the older applications were really huge on data transfers.

5. Unwanted Noise on cell phone or in Call

This can be a bit tricky because it can be due to poor connection. However, if it is happening regularly, then there is a good chance of hidden spy application on your phone. The sound cannot be uniform in general, if the phone is infected, it can also be beeping, click, stagnant or any other voice. Some software offers a listening list and calls the recording feature which can cause this noise because another call is running as a conference call.

How to spy on a cell phone?

There are various cell phone spying apps, method and tricks to spy someone’s Cell phone. You can search it on an online portal where you will find software with full guidance but some of them are working and some of them are just to enhance their advertisements. There are some applications for Smartphone that can be trustworthy such as one-spy, Truth-Spy, mobile-spy and so on, but they are quite expensive and tricky to use. But this can be the solution of your question how to stop someone from spying on my cell phone. SpyMyFone is the best phones spy software that can to track your target’s phone, anytime and from anywhere. Their application conceals itself into the phone and starts tracking all activities silently. They provide full guidance and several unique features that you cannot find in any application. Ant the most important thing that SpyMyFone is they provide every features and service at an affordable price which fits in your pocket. Over a million of people in 234+ countries using their services as well as satisfied with their features.

if my Cell Phone is Being Tracked

Easy steps about how to spy on a cell phone with SpyMyFone

Step 1. Create a free SpyMyFone account and sign u by filling information. After registration, sign in to their website to use the free version and facilities.

stop someone from spying on my cell phone

Step 2. After signing-in, fill the details of your suspect’s phone to monitor.

Step 3. After filling the details, download SpyMyFone monitoring app from their official website and install it on the suspect’s phone. Remember, the phone must be android and before installation check permissions of all applications are enabled or not. If not, enable it first.

use the cell phone spy software

Step 4. After installing the application on suspect’s phone, open the website of SpyMyFone onto your phone or computer and logged-in and start monitoring, tap on the start monitoring button.

Step 5. Now you have successfully hacked your suspect’s Android phone. And hence, you can see their data like contacts, emails, messages, call logs, browsing history etc.

how to stop someone from spying on my cell phone

How to stop some from spying on my cell phone?

There several ways to detect that you are spying on someone or not and several ways how to stop someone from spying on my cell phone too. There are some tips as given below:

  • Some of the spying applications can lighten up the phone as it is in use or even to shut itself down automatically. Look at this on a regular basis, not only one stop. And if you see such behavior, format your cell phone instantly.
  • Do not give your account Id and password to someone that registered on your cell phone.
  • Hide your cell phone security password whenever you are trying to fill in a public area.
  • Check your daily messages, logs, notification etc and noticed any change in behavior or not.

How to Remove Cell Phone Spy Software from your iPhone

If you find any unwanted software, application or any other materials that give hints you are spying on someone then you need to do is hard reset your iPhone as soon as possible. But remember one thing before resetting is to create a backup. There is several of software available in the market that detects the spy software from your iPhone regularly if it detects any spy software, and then it will block the user who wants to spy your cell phone automatically.

How to Remove Cell Phone Spy Software from your Android phone

Similarly, in Android phone, you can hard reset your cell phone after creating a backup of your personal data. Hard resetting basically means to format the whole phone whether it is an application, message or any other data. This method is the one the best process to remove cell phone spy software from your Android phone, there is also some software available to detect the spy software from your phone on a regular basis which helps to block as well as remove them.

If you are searching for how to stop someone from spying on my cell phone, this one is the best possible answers to your question. Here you will see the details about cell phone spying, sings of being spied, how to remove the spy software, how to spy someone by SpyMyFone and How to Remove Cell Phone Spy Software from your Android phone and iPhone.

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