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Viber is a Free to download app that is used to connect with people all around the world. It allows users to send texts, make free calls, share pictures and video messages. Viber can be used in both a computer and a phone. It is simple to use since you only need to download to your phone, enter your mobile number directly, and you are good to get started.

Viber is a popular messaging app among social media users. It has recorded about 236 million active monthly users, as of February 2015 whereby majorities are youngsters. The popularity may be attributed to its features which include free calls to Viber users, picture and video messaging, free group chats which host up to 200 participants, public chats, stickers and Viber games.

Hacking social media accounts is becoming increasingly achievable especially in a world where technology is advancing. Whether it is legal or not, you may want to hack a Viber account for various reasons such as a parent who needs to keep track of their child's internet. It can also extend to a spouse or an employer who wants to see who and what their partners or employers interact with on Viber.

Part 1: How to Hack Viber Account from a Cell Phone Using SpyMyFone

SpyMyFone is the most reliable and trustworthy app that is used to monitor online activities without the knowledge of the target person. It has received excellent ratings in Play Store as the best monitoring solution. spymyfone is advantageous in many ways. It has a varied pricing plan making it very affordable. It is also easy to use because it does not require rooting to the target phone. Moreover, it is used to monitor call logs, messages, videos and audios shared online. To cream it up, spymyfone provides GPS location of the target phone.

SpyMyFone allows you to extract data from the target phone after undertaking a simple setup process. The setup process of Android and iPhones slightly differ.

Step 1: Create a SpyMyFone account on

Creating a SpyMyFone account is free. Use a legitimate email as you are creating the account so that you can receive app download links and login credentials. Besides, purchase a premium subscription if you need other advanced features.

spymyfone Sign Up

Step 2: Activate SpyMyFone on target phone.

To do this, you need to install the monitoring SpyMyFone app on the target phone by going through a setup process immediately after registration. Install SpyMyFone on the target phone and then follow the setting process.

Type the name of the target person on the first page of the Setup Wizard. This is done to recognize the owner of the target phone. If you are using an Android phone, select "Android." Then on the monitored phone click "Settings." Next, find "Lock Screen" tab and click on "Enable Unknown Sources" to allow installation of apps from various sources apart from Play Store.

spymyfone Android Set Up

However, if you are using an iPhone, select "iOS." Next, verify iCloud ID and password on the target phone. This step differs a little when using iPhones since you do not necessarily have to install an app on the target phone.

spymyfone iOS Set Up

Next, on the target phone, download spymyfone using the link on the official page. Click "Download" and wait for the download to complete. Then retrieve the APK file from either "Notifications" or "Downloads" folder.

spymyfone Android Set Up

Lastly, sign into the spymyfone account you just installed. You also have to accept terms and agreements of using the app. Tap "Start" and allow all permission requests to activate the app. The monitoring app's icon will be robotically deleted as soon as the service is activated. However, the app will work in stealth mode.

spymyfone Android Set Up

Step 3: Start tracking.

To start tracking, log into control panel, and view monitored data. You need to use your phone to complete this step. Visit the control panel dashboard which can be accessed online at or use the control panel app. Be patient for some minutes as data is synced from the monitored device. You can always sync new data by tapping on "Refresh" icon. Moreover, you can click on the function menu which is on the top left to check supported features. However, the server will not refresh data to your Control Panel if the target phone is powered off or does not have an internet connection.

spymyfone Android Set Up

Part 2: How to Hack Viber Account from PC

Cell phone monitoring apps have brought tracking solutions to those who need to keep up to date with what certain people in their lives engage in online. To make monitoring more efficient, certain apps allow you to hack Viber from your PC such as the Underspy monitoring app.

Underspy is professional and user-friendly monitoring software that has Viber tracking features. It allows you to extract data such as Viber calls and messages on the Viber account on your kids, spouse or employee. You can also view group-messages and sent and received photos.

You can effortlessly access Viber information by following the simple steps below to use Underspy effectively:

  • Purchase and install Underspy on your target device. It will take approximately five minutes to complete installation. The app's icon will become hidden as soon as the installation is complete. Moreover, you can visit to download app.
  • Data transfer. All the data that you need will be uploaded to Underspy server. Click on a particular icon to check data, for instance, to monitor messaging click on the "Monitor Text Messages" feature. To track phones location click on "TRACK GPS Location" or "Geo-Fencing" feature. To access the gallery, "View Photos" or "View Videos" feature.
  • Access and monitor data from the target device by logging in to your Personal Control Panel on your PC. All the data on your target device will be available to you on your Control Panel.

In conclusion, you can rest your heart knowing that there is a variety of software to choose from that can help you take ultimate control over your children's interaction with Viber messaging app. These monitoring apps work in stealth making you undetectable by the targeted person. The apps perform many functions. spymyfone, for instance, can be used to monitor Whatsapp, installed apps, stickers, notes, and reminders.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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