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How to hack someone's WhatsApp account and chat history

WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messengers in the world currently, connecting friends, family, and loved ones. It has greatly reduced the need for calling friends, and loved ones. But how do you monitor your kids, catch a cheating partner, monitor employees? The best thing to do is to hack WhatsApp chat history, so in this topic, How to hack someone's WhatsApp account and chat history will be discussed and you will know the best apps that can do that.

Under what circumstances will you hack someone's WhatsApp?

Several things could make you consider it but here are a few of them.

When there is a sign of unfaithfulness between lovers

`As lovers, there are times you feel like knowing what your partner is up to, the type of friends she has, or maybe you suspect she’s cheating and wants to find out without asking or going through her phone. Nowadays, the best diary of people is there WhatsApp, which is where you find out about who they go out with, who they’ve been chatting.

To know what your kids are up to

Being a parent is not as easy as most people think, sometimes kids can be kids, and you have to monitor every step they take, where they go, who they chat with, and also monitor their browsing history to stop them watching adult content online. So under this circumstance, to hack WhatsApp chat might be the best option.

Hack WhatsApp account and chat history with hacking app

The truth is, few hacking apps are trustworthy in that aspect, but there is one that is tested and trusted, highly reliable and works without being noticed. When it comes to a solution to monitoring problem, this app is the real deal, wondering the type of app that could be? It’s SpyMyFone, the most encouraging hacking app

How does SpyMyFone works?

You might start wondering how it works. What do you have to do to have access to it? What are the features of this awesome app? Does it work on android phones? Does your phone need to be rooted before it can work? Etc. do not worry, everything you need to know about the app will be discussed.

A SpyMyFone account

How to hack someone's WhatsApp account and chat history

The first thing you need to do is to open a SpyMyFone account either on the android app or using the website. And while registering, it is recommended to use your real email account as some important details will be forwarded there, including the download link.

SpyMyFone installation

So after installation, you would be asked to answer some questions about the recipient. So it’s advisable you have the person’s phone with you, the set up will take just a few minutes to complete. Among the things required during set up is the monitoring app, you would be asked to install it and make necessary settings, other things include, name of the target person, OS of the target’s phone etc. selecting the right OS is important because every OS have its own method of settings, so as an Android user, select Android and follow the procedures.

Note: “unknown source” installation must be enabled on the recipient’s phone.

Install the monitoring app

How to hack someone's WhatsApp account and chat history

The next phase is to install the monitoring app and follow the procedures, and while installing, it is compulsory to state the reason for installing the app on the phone and set the visibility of the app.

Follow these simple steps

  • Open the app (SpyMyFone)
  • Sign in to your account
  • Proceed to permission request
  • Click on the “start monitoring” link

Checking monitored data through the control panel

Here is the last phase of this section, when you are through with the setup of that phone, the next is your phone or computer. Access the setup wizard, it will lead you to the dashboard, and you can access the dashboard online using this link

Accessing the dashboard could take a few minutes if it’s your first time, this is because it will synchronize data of the target phone, and it doesn’t work without data.

Hack a WhatsApp account using MAC spoofing

How to hack someone's WhatsApp account and chat history

Apart from using spy app to hack someone’s WhatsApp account, there is another technique to achieve this without much stress and its MAC spoofing. Now, let’s take a look at it and see how it could be used.

MAC means media access control, it usually has an address called MAC address. MAC address is a 12 unique code assigned to the Wi-Fi of devices, which means the target person’s smartphone Wi-Fi will have the code. This code would be used to identify the smartphone of the person. So to have access to you’re the person’s WhatsApp account, you need to get the code. After getting the code, then follow steps below to complete the setup.

Steps 1

First, you have to delete WhatsApp from your device. Don’t worry, it will be reinstalled after the hacking process is completed, but be sure you uninstall it completely

Step 2

The next thing to do is to get the phone of the target person because you would be needing the phone at two different steps during the hacking process. You have to be smart so the person doesn’t catch you with his or her phone.

Step 3

Now that you’ve gotten the phone, locate the Wi-Fi address of the phone, also known as MAC address. Go to “about phone” under settings to locate it. But take note that the location varies from phone to phone, android is different iPhone, and iPhone is different from windows, and of course, windows is different from blackberry.

Step 4

Locate the MAC address of your phone too, save it securely because you would need it at the end of the hacking.

Step 5

Now, spoof your MAC address and make it look like the person’s own. When you do that, it gives you the right to log in as the person.

Step 6

Install spoofing app on person’s phone, and after installation, go to terminal emulator and type “ip link show”. It will display different links, identify the one with your MAC address to confirm the alteration is successful.

Step 7

Reinstall WhatsApp on your phone and configure it. When you open it, it asks for your mobile number, here is the deal, you won’t enter your number, but instead, you will enter the victim’s own.

Step 8

That means you would need to get the phone for the last time, so when the verification code enters the victim’s phone, type it on your phone. The hacking is now successful, now repeat the procedure to change your MAC address back to yours to avoid future problem. Don’t forget to delete the confirmation code from victim’s phone to avoid him or her detecting.

Other ways to hack someone's WhatsApp

Wondering if there are other ways to hack WhatsApp account? The answer is yes, there are several ways. But let’s look at 3 of them, shall we?

3 ways to hack someone's WhatsApp

As mentioned earlier, we are looking at 3 ways, there features, cons and pros before rounding up today’s lecture.

Using Guestspy

How to hack someone's WhatsApp account and chat history

Obviously, we all know there are other hacking ways out there. Guestspy is another lovely spy app out there perfect for catching a cheating spouse, monitor employees, and parental control.


  • GPS tracker
  • Listen to live audio
  • View pictures from the target device
  • WhatsApp Spy
  • Sms spy
  • Facebook Spy
  • Spy call
  • Free control panel etc.


  • It’s easy to install
  • Its 100% undetectable
  • Ability to work on all phones and networks


  • Migration to premium is needed to enjoy the service.
  • Migration is monthly, and costly.


How to hack someone's WhatsApp account and chat history

This is a simple yet powerful app specifically designed to monitor WhatsApp chats and others, but comes with other great features too.


  • WhatsApp and social apps spy
  • Web browser monitoring
  • GPS location tracking
  • SIM change notification
  • Calls recording
  • Photos and videos spy


  • Simple and easy to install
  • You could record phone calls
  • 24hrs customer support
  • Works on all android devices
  • Undetectable
  • Fairly cheap


  • Not compatible with iPhone devices
  • Privacy issue


How to hack someone's WhatsApp account and chat history

This is another great non-intrusive app designed for both Android and iPhone devices. It comes with several lovely features that allows you to take over the target’s devices without being noticed


  • WhatsApp and Facebook tracking
  • Free key-logger
  • GPS tracker
  • SMS report
  • Data backup
  • Call recorder


  • Works secretly
  • Easy to install
  • Find lost phones
  • Compatible with android 8 and iPhone devices


  • Privacy issue


If you are having trust issues with your partner, you might want to consider hacking their WhatsApp chat history, also as a parent, it’s advisable you have a hacking app to be able to monitor your kids. The bottom line is hacking is great when you use the right app. SpyMyFone is the leading hacking app right now, and so far so good, no complaint about it, so why not give it a trial?

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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