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How to hack WhatsApp online without survey and password

As lovely as using several hacking apps to hack people’s phone so as to have access to their WhatsApp, you would agree it’s a little stressful one way or the other, which now leads to another question, is there no alternative to hacking WhatsApp without much stress? The good news is that there is, in fact, it’s safe and secure, just like the hacking app. Stay tuned to know more about how to hack WhatsApp online without survey and the best apps in the market to do that.

Why hack WhatsApp online?

You might start wondering, why would you want to hack WhatsApp online? The bigger question is, who are the people that should be hacked?

There are 3 set of people that you could hack.

The number one is your kid.

As a mother or father, you are responsible for the right upbringing of your kids, and that responsibility starts from when they are still under your nose. Hacking their WhatsApp will give you access to what they do online, who they chat with, the type of chat they receive, videos, pictures and the content of their chat. Having access to all that will make you know what to correct in them and how to correct it before it’s too late.

The second is your partner

WhatsApp nowadays is like diary, if you know more about your partner, how he or she spends the day, and who it was spent with, a chat on WhatsApp will reveal everything, which now means that, if you want to catch a cheating partner or monitor yours, WhatsApp hacking might be the best option to uncover the hidden secrets.


As an employer or leader of a company, having access to your employee’s WhatsApp account might not be a bad idea, this is because you have to ensure the company’s confidential information is being kept intact.

Hack WhatsApp online without survey via SpyMyFone

How to hack WhatsApp online without survey and password

Among all hacking WhatsApp hacking apps, this particular app stands out, works effortlessly without any problem. Apart from WhatsApp hacking, it’s also perfect hacking an entire phone to know all the activities going on and what the user is up every now and then. It’s a perfect app for any intending person trying to hack other people’s phone.


  • Browsing history spy
  • Instant messaging apps spy
  • App usage and logs report
  • Videos and photos spy
  • Call history reports
  • GPS location tracking
  • App blocking and schedule restricting
  • Bad website blocking
  • Calendar and memo access

Now the features of this great app are revealed, next is to show you how you can hack WhatsApp online without survey. The steps are easy and can easily be understood if followed strictly.


  • Registration is the first thing, login to the website via this link and register, make sure the right details are entered, and a subscription is bought. You need a premium account to be able to do the WhatsApp hacking, which means, little about of money is needed to make this work.
  • The next step is getting the target phone, installing the app on the phone. That means you will do this without the person knowing to avoid being busted.
  • After installation, open it, and it will take you to set up page, then enter the details of the target person, name, age gender etc. if you are an iPhone user, it’s the iCloud details of the target person that you will enter.
  • So when that is done, it means an account has been created, now login to SpyMyFone using your computer and go to the dashboard and click on social apps, and select WhatsApp. Then wait patiently for the information to load so can access them.

So if you are thinking of WhatsApp hacking, you might want to consider this app as it was cautiously designed in a way that it can’t be abused or detected by the target person. So if you have been thinking of the app to use, give this app a trial

Hack WhatsApp online through Truthspy

How to hack WhatsApp online without survey and password

Before going deeper, it is important to know that a smartphone is needed for the hacking and a perfectly working internet connection. Going into details now.

Truthspy is one of the most powerful hacking tool out there that is perfect for WhatsApp hacking, works completely unnoticed and so far, it’s been extremely helpful and highly recommended for people that have interest in hacking other people’s phone. So how can you use to hack WhatsApp online without survey? Follow the simple steps below


  • First, follow this link to download the app and then proceed to the installation process. Note that you are to download it on the target person’s phone, not yours
  • After installation, open the app and follow the instructions that pop up, which contains registration including the password you want to use.
  • So once the login details are gotten, add them to the control panel. Now, hide the icon of the installed app from the target’s phone, don’t forget this so the person won’t detect he or she is been watched.
  • The last part is downloading the Truthspy into your own phone or access it through the computer, log in and go to the dashboard, click on WhatsApp and wait for it to load the information from the target device. That’s all, now enjoy.

Truthspy is another great app, so, now that you have an idea of how to make use of it, give it a trial, it’s among the tested and trusted apps out there, and so far, no bad report about it, which makes it safe to use

Hack WhatsApp online using mSpy

How to hack WhatsApp online without survey and password

mSpy is another powerful tool that is well known for hacking. It comes with great features that will benefit the user. Some of this features include phone calls hacking, Sms spy, browsing history spy, WhatsApp monitoring etc.

Hacking WhatsApp online is not the problem, the problem lies in the tool you use, so far, m\spy has not disappointed. Follow the simple steps below to know how to use mSpy to hack WhatsApp online without survey.


  • The first thing to do is to register, and you can start by downloading the app from the official website of mSpy to the target device.
  • After installation is completed, run the setup and register, make sure all the details required are answered genuinely as this will help the app function perfectly.
  • After installation is completed and the registration is done, make sure the icon is not showing on the target phone to avoid the person knowing.
  • That’s all you need, now login to your dashboard, click on WhatsApp and wait for it to load the messages, chats, photos, and videos of the target. It’s as simple as that if these steps are followed

As you can, the steps are easy and are easily understood without any problem

Note that, the premium plan must be purchased before you have access to hacking with all the apps mentioned here, and their price varies from app to another. But you are assured that any amount spent will be well account for with the quality you of service you will receive.


The deal is, WhatsApp hacking is not a bad an idea, as some claim. We are in a digital world, so in other to solve some issues, you have to go digital as well. Kids must be monitored when they are young to avoid something bad been installed into their body system, same goes to catching cheating partner, it’s not written on the forehead, you have to find, so also does your employees deserve close monitoring to know the bad egg among them and flush him or her out. There are so many apps that can do that, but these trusted 3 are tested, starting from the first to the third. So go ahead and take charge of your world with any of them.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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