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Most children today use social media. While a Facebook or Whatsapp account is a necessity in many ways, as a parent, you need to ensure that they are on the right track.

What if they go a step too far risking their safety? As parents, it’s obvious to be worried about your safety. While the online world is a great thing to be a part of and helps us in so many tasks, one cannot deny of the threat it poses to your impressionable minds.

With Whatsapp spy apps, you can keep a track of what your children are up to and ensure their safety. Below is a list of some of the apps that you can use. Some of them are free while for some you would need to pay a dime. In any case, it sure is going to be an amount woth investing.

Part 1: #5 WhatsApp Hacker Apps for iOS users

If you or your child has an iOS device, you would want to use the following apps. These apps work across all iOS devices, are simple to use and are perfect for tracking down all activities of your child.

1. SpyMyFone

SpyMyFone is a premium app with proper message logs and time of messages. It misses out of no messages and is one of the most popular apps you would find on the app store. The app scores big on spying and you can track down each activity. Note down the contact numbers and names of every friend your child has on Whatsapp.

Pros – It offers best features at a reasonable price with no delay. No jailbreak is required.

Cons – The premium version will cost you 69.99$ and the basic version too maybe hefty on the pocket for some.

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2. Flexispy

Once you download and install Flexispy to a phone it will secretly record and deliver all the information of this phone to a web account. You can view what your child has been doing right from your PC. All you need is a working internet connection. Read conversations or even check calls and contacts. The software is designed to offer you full control over your child's smartphone.

Pros – This app has great functionality and works well with WhatsApp messages tracking.

Cons – A little synchronization delay with some models of iPhone.

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3. Spy Bubble

Spy Bubble is popular tracking software. It’s known for its accurate phone tracking tools. You can track down everything from Whatsapp messages to calls and even emails. You can even search for particular numbers to see if your child has been getting any calls from them.

Pros – It’s new implemented WhatsApp messages tracking feature works well. It’s safe and secured. It is also very easy to use.

Cons – Limited customer support.

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4. TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy app tracks the exact location, call history, messages from any phone. It runs on both Android and iPhone, and it's not just Whatsapp calls that you can track. Instead, track anything from calls to browser history in simple few clicks.

Pros – Free 48 hours trial. The WhatsApp messages features works well on iPhone.

Cons – The app has some minor bugs and a few functionality issues.

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5. Highster Mobile

Highster is top-rated parental and employee app. It covers everything’s from calls, messages, and emails. View the photos and media in your child's smartphone as well as keep a track of all calls and messages. You can even track your child through the GPS feature.

Pros – No jailbreak required for iPhone. It is one of a complete tracking and spy software available on the net.

Cons – Hipster missed out some of the WhatsApp conversations upon trial which is a major flaw considering it’s usage for message tracking.

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Part 2. #5 WhatsApp Hacking Apps for Android users

If your child has an Android phone, do not worry. These simple but effective Whatsapp spying apps will help you keep a track of all the activities.

1. iSpyoo

iSpyoo lets you access your child’s messages and calls secretly and then you’ll be able to access that information by a secured account. View anything from voice recordings to video history and have complete control.

Pros – Apart from monitoring work, to enhance its functionality, it can be transformed into a bug which let’s us monitor the surroundings.

Cons – It has some compatibility issues.

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2. Spyera

Spyera is a very strong Spy app. One of its many tracking features also includes live call recording. You can track your child through the GPS tracking features while receive other updates in real time including alerts.

Pros – WhatsApp tracking has acceptable functionality.

Cons – the interface of the app needs improvement.

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3. Mobistealth

This host tracking software will empower you to use some of the best of features. Allows 24/7 usage. While a bit cluttered in the user interface, Mobistealth is one of the most comprehensive you would find allowing you to even check SMS and call recording history. For nearly $80 though, you may just want to try out the other alternatives.

Pros – a good choice for WhatsApp tracking. It causes no delay.

Cons – has only basic tracking features.

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4. Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy allows you track messages, emails, and call history of any host mobile phone. You can also check what your child has been doing on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter apart from the standard spying features like knowing the contact numbers and names of those calling and messaging your child.

Pros – It works just perfectly for WhatsApp

Cons – The apps needs improvement with designing and interface.

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5. Copy9

Copy9 is a great app for parents for saying informed about their child’s messages and calls. You can check the contacts history as well as the browsing history in the smartphone, and all you need is a working internet connection.

Pros – Was able to hack all the WhatsApp messages.

Cons – Was not functional on each and every Android model.

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With the above-mentioned apps, parents, you can keep track of your child’s WhatsApp messages and calls, thus, ensures the safety of your child. The top 10 Whatsapp hacker tools is designed for you and your smartphone - just pick the one you find right for you.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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