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Most people who own a smartphone use Whatsapp to communicate with their friends and loved ones. For many reasons, you may want to know about the conversations someone has on their Whatsapp. You may be worried about security of your child or maybe want to expose your cheating girlfriend; else you can be an employer requiring details of employee’s chats. Needs can be many but solutions are difficult to find, mostly when they are for free. Today, we will show you how to spy on someone’s Whatsapp activities. Be aware that using some of these methods may not be legal in your country!

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    Part 1: Spy on iPhone and iPad

    The best way to spy on WhatsApp on iPhone/iPad for free

    We have discovered a great app for iPhone and iPad called OwnSpy which can be used to spy on Whatsapp messages. Apart from that you can even upgrade your account to track messages, contacts, WeChat, App usage, and enable call recordings, screen capture and other features.The great thing is that you can try this program totally free for a week without making any purchase. You may very well have solved your purpose of spying by that time or may pay a bit for extended service. We are going to illustrate of using the app to track Whatsapp primarily. You have to get the target iPhone for a few minutes to install the program on the device.

    Step 1: You have to jailbreak the target device before you continue to spy on whatsapp. There are many tutorials online which can help you jailbreak the target iPhone. After that you need to switch on the phone and find an app called Cydia. It lets you search for third party apps including OwnSpy. Just launch the app and search with the name of OwnSpy.

    whatsapp spy free-search with the name of OwnSpy

    Step 2: After you find the app, download and install it. Next step is to register the device by setting your own username and password. This same username and password will be used to monitor the iPhone remotely from the OwnSpy control panel through any browser.

    whatsapp spy free-download and install OwnSpy

    Step 3: You can visit the online control panel of OwnSpy ( and log in directly.There you will get an interface where you can monitor various activities of the iPhone. Starting from messages, calls etc you can also view app usage, keyboard strokes, Whatsapp chats, mails and other details. All information are stored on the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere through mobile or computer.

    whatsapp spy free-visit the online control panel of OwnSpy

    Part 2: Spy on Android

    The best way to spy on WhatsApp on Android for free

    When it comes to Android, the best way to spy on someone’s Whatsapp is by using the web version of Whatsapp ( You need to have the target Android device for a few moments and by then the task is done. You will need a computer too.

    Step 1: You need to access Whatsapp from the target phone and open the Whatsapp Web settings from the menu. At the same time open the Whatsapp Web version ( on your browser. After that follow the on screen instructions to scan the code on the computer screen. The device will switch on the camera and you have to hold the phone in such a way that the QR code comes in between the box on the phone. After you are done, take the target device and keep it like nothing has happened!

    whatsapp spy free-scan the code on the computer screen

    Step 2: Whatsapp will automatically load the contacts page once the connection is established. It will be like running the Whatsapp of the target phone from your computer. You will be able to see the chat history of each contact, access attachments and even receive incoming chats and calls.

    whatsapp spy free- see the chat history of each contact

    Precautions: There are a few precautions you must adopt while spying on Whatsapp using this method.

  • Your target can sign out of the browser and then you have to get the phone again to establish the connection.
  • Do not read the new messages before they are accessed by your target. They will see new messages already read with the blue arrows. This will make them suspicious and foil your plans.
  • The phone must always be connected to the internet so that the web version is able to run. If your target device switches off internet, then you will not be able to use this method.
  • It's easy to spy on Whatsapp with these simple tips. You would be able to do a whole lot more and keep a track of your child's safety the easy way. Which is your favourite Whatsapp spy method?

    Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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